Research Study on For-Profit College Leads Released

by Max Lishansky on August 11, 2010

Upon completing a 4 month study about the demographics and informational preferences of education leads (people who signed up to receive more information from online for-profit colleges), we have analyzed and released our statistics via a full report.  You can download the pdf here – Qualified Lead Demographics & Online Information Preferences of For-Profit College Leads.

Our goal was to provide a detailed and comprehensive study on the demo and mentality of prospective online college students that converted into a lead and ideally an enrollment for a college. All the traffic was paid and lead registration occurred at Classes2Careers. After gathering data and surveying leads, we hope the report can help colleges and lead aggregators optimize their recruitment efforts.

Some highlights from the study which you can find on page 8 of the report are:

1. More females than males are interested in online classes.

2. Over 60% of prospective online college students have a High School degree or have at one time in the past attended college.

3. Business and Health Care are the two most popular majors for prospective online college students.

4. 90% of prospective students want additional financial aid information after agreeing to receive information from a college.

5. Over 80% of prospective students want to receive a college related newsletter.

6. Prospective students do not mind entering their email address and other personal information but feel that their phone number is the most intrusive piece of data they give.

If you have any feedback or questions on the study, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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